Thursday, August 30, 2012

Message in a bottle

After 12 years of looking I have finally found a message in a bottle.  This afternoon we were out in the vehicle on George Island looking at the tussac that has been planted this winter and the Yorkshire fog that was planted last spring when we noticed two plastic bottles tied together.  Despite suffering from sore knees at the moment I was first out of the vehicle as I could see there was a message inside.  It was a bit dissappointing to find that the bottle only contained a name Boris Alejandro Valencia .B., Chilote a hotmail address and the words Carrero G/P II.  It would have been nice if it had had an actual message.  Never mind I have sent off to the hotmail address and we are now waiting to see if we get a reply.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Meet Hollie Louise May

Meet my lovely granddaughter Hollie Louise May.  Born 4:26am 17th August 2012 weighing 7lb 10oz's.  Mum and baby are both very well.  This is not the best photo of me as I had a little bit of help when I was born and it has made my head a little longer then it should be but I am still beautiful.