Thursday, May 10, 2012


Well its been a while since I blogged but I have got news to share.  If you have been reading my blog for a while then you will remember me saying that Phil Vickery was coming to the Falklands.  Well he is here and I have just been talking to Carol Phillips at Hope Cottage and Phil Vickery is going there for lunch tomorrow.  Carol has been asked to cook a stew.  Now stew may seem quite a plain meal to some but when it is made with lamb and fresh veg straight from the garden it is very very tasty.  I think Carols daughter in law Shula is also helping with the meal.  Carol is more then a little nervous, wouldn't we all be. 
While I am on here I may as well up date you on what I have been up to.  I have been working in Stanley for just over a week now.  It is a nice little job.  Nice and easy and doesn't require as much brain strain to learn as the one I did last year.  I am covering for maternity leave and I started work a week ago Monday and finish at the end of July.  This year my job is to type up the orders to replenish the stock in the west store.  I print out the order sheets then the girls and boys on the shop floor fill them in. I then process the order and send it through to the warehouse.  Once the stock arrives at the shop I then goods receive the items.  Like I say it is a nice easy job.  I will do this job for about 6 weeks then the stock controller goes on holiday and I will move into that job.  I have helped with stock control when I worked in the warehouse last year and it is quite a taxing job and will probably cause a bit of brain strain.  I think it will be quite difficult for the first week or two as we do not have a hand over period.  Thankfully there will be someone else in the office who can do the job so I will have help at hand for when I need it, which will be quite a lot to start with I think.
Out on the island Christopher has at last got back to working on the crab factory.  Its a shame we didn't know Phil Vickery was here because Christopher has just done a crab haul and he has a fair amount in a holding pot.  The crab we have in the Falklands is lovely and sweet and I'm sure he would have enjoyed cooking with it.
Christopher and Shaun have also been busy on all three islands putting the rams out to the ewes ready for this years lamb drop.  They have also started lining up the first of the fences that are going up this winter.  Once the fence is lined up and the materials are all out at the fence line Shaun will go onto contract rates to put it up.
Well got to go.  Work tomorrow. 


  1. Awesome. I take it you mean Phil Vickery, the chef? There is another one, an English rugby player. I think I would be nervous cooking for a chef, in fact I would probably decline since I'm not the greatest cook in the world. Interesting to read your news, and I hope the job continues to go well.

    1. Hi Valerie,
      Yes Phil Vickery the chef. I wouldnt do it either but Christopher would. He likes cooking and is pretty good when he wants to be

  2. You sent me googling to find out who Phil Vickery was. I take it you are a fan. I had never heard of him.

    I hope you are enjoying your life as a "towny" where the work is less stenuous and you can get near the head of the line to purchase imported food when it first arrives.

  3. I'm senting You greetings from the other site of world - Poland, Europe! Have a nice day.


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