Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Christopher and Ali went out in Theo to haul the crab pots today.  It was a lovely day and they came back with a haul of 666.  We also have about 300 in the keep pots so I now have enough to do about 5 lots of processing.  I general process 200 at a time.  I need to do at least one lot of processing a week just to provide the minimum amount for our standing order.  Christopher gets up at 5am to put the boiler on and then either him and Ali or him and Shaun kill and cook the crab once the boiler comes to the boil.  I then go down at 7-7:30 as the first lot have been cooked and cooled enough ready to start breaking the crab down for processing.  I then have either Ali or Tanya to help me process the crab right down ready to go in the chiller.  We usually finish processing at about 3pm and then spend an hour doing the clean down.
Sorted crab on the deck

Shaun and Dave (taken several years ago).  Crab in the sort tray.


  1. Hi ,
    I have had a word with the British Farming Forum moderators, they seem to remember getting an email from someone in the Falklands having problems becoming a member, they replied but received no further contact.
    They suspect that perhaps their email ended up in your spam box.
    They are going to resend the email and perhaps if you kept an eye open for the email then perhaps everything will work.
    Loved your pictures of the crabs, bit of a seafood fanatic so it was super tasty looking.
    Late spring here now, lambing and calving just drawing to an end, we are stuck in a super cold airflow....delaying all spring growth.....all after the wettest year on record. Nearly twice the normal rainfall.

  2. Hi,
    Just thought I would post a quick comment to see if you received the e-mail that my husband sent you. Haven't received any e-mail from the British Farming Forum moderators as yet.
    We saw the pictures on the news with the snowed in ewes earlier in the month. Really feel for all your farmers that have been affected by the appauling weather. Your weather appears to be improving now but I guess that will be too late for some.

  3. Hi Lindsey,
    Just been in contact with the BFF people. they have emailed some one called Chris in the Falklands and registered them manually, I suspect this is not you.
    Hoped it might be.
    Could be worth having another go at online registration.
    We were lucky and missed the snow it was further west and south of us.
    Horrendous losses as many were mid lambing.
    No grass growth at all here, still giving supplementary feed to the ewes and cattle all still in the sheds.
    Interesting to see you roofing.....we did a similar job on some of the farm buildings last year. Worst bit was sitting astride the ridge fitting the flashing, (it was a much steeper roof than yours)
    I am starting to get a real appetite up for some of your crab!!!!

    1. Hi George,
      Yes it was the right Chris. He put a small piece on the site introducing himself then couldn't find it again. He's not good at finding his way around the site. I have found his thread and shown him how to get back to it so he may post on it again later today.
      Thanks for your help in getting him registered.

    2. Hey, looking forward to your posts.

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