Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's quite likely we will get lost without you burning the track!!!!

Its been a long time.  We had a frustrating last couple of weeks in Stanley.  Finally on about the 20th September Theo was ready to go back in the water.  It then blew for about three days making it impossible to get lifted back into the water.  Then the dock was extremely  busy with trawlers and oil support vessels etc.  The only spot available was a one hour slot between vessels on I think it was the 23rd.  Everything went to plan and at last she was back in the water.  Christopher and Shaun eventually got a weather window to bring her back out to the islands on the 26th.  It all happened at very short notice and they were unable to get any one to come with them.  They eventually got away at 10:45 in the morning.  They had a good run through with a bit of rock and roll around Lively Island.  Shaun decided they should plot a new course which he okayed with Christopher which resulted in them having the fastest trip through ever.  I got a last call from Christopher at 11:45 pm saying that they were passing George Island.  They took the boat to Speedwell and slept on the boat at the jetty ready to come across to Flores Harbour the following morning to pick Tanya and I up.  It was a great experience for Shaun and proved that he was capable of skippering the boat, plotting courses and using all the navigation equipment.  Tanya and I left Stanley at 6:00 am the following morning.  We had a good run out.  Tanya and I have only ever drove off road down to Flores Harbour once each by ourselves.  We were well chuffed with ourselves for not getting lost.  It was a little disconcerting to find that North Arm had been burning off the rank white grass and in some areas it had swept across the track obscuring the way. We were exactly four hours from Stanley to Flores Harbour and as we came down the last hill to the harbour Christopher and Shaun were just coming in through the narrows.  Happy Days.


  1. I love to read of your outings and adventures.

    I was fascinated with the word "chuffed". I have never seen it used. I asked my friend Lynne if she knew it. She had. She lived in Yorkshire England for three years and it was commonly used there. Do you have North Enland family roots?

  2. I don't think so Philip but the Falkland ties are very strong with the UK so no doubt that is where the word has come from. I am pretty sure that all Falkland Islanders would know the word.