Tuesday, October 11, 2011

No, No, Shaun not like that!!!

Young farmer putting sheep out

The unruly Bex, looking the part.
Yesterday Christopher asked Shaun to take some cull sheep out of the pens across the green and turn them out into one of the paddocks.  Take your own dog he says.  His own dog is a ten month old collie as yet untrained other then the command, stop.  There are things the old farmer knows that the young farmer doesn't and the old farmer sometimes does not bother to enlighten the young farmer. One thing being that there are at a quick count  at least five different exits of the green and it would probably help you and your very unruly dog if you shut the exits that you don't want your sheep to go through.  Old farmer and wife stand at the kitchen window and laugh as the sheep leave the pens in small cuts.  First comes a cut of three, then another of two, followed by a larger cut which in turn was followed by young farmer carrying a sheep.  Old farmer stops laughing and says well that's a big mistake he's just made.  He's let the front end get away, if he's not careful they are going to be out with the ewes and lambs that have been born from the artificial insemination programme.  Wife says well your not going to wait for it to happen and then get sh**** with him are you.  This prompted old farmer to get older more reliable dogs and a motorbike but not before the sheep were heading out to the ewes and lambs.  Happily between them they managed to get them back in before they mixed with the ewes and lambs.  Young farmer says I'm really pleased with Bex, she didn't know what to do but she really tried. 

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  1. I see you belong to the school of "learning by doing".I always think of the English novel of John Brown's School Days. "How do you spell window?" "W.I.N.D.O.W." "Correct, Now go and wash them all."