Friday, March 9, 2012

George Island

Christopher and I came down to George Island yesterday morning.  For the first time this season I put my padded trousers on the boat in anticipation of being cold but for so late in the summer it was a lovely day and even out on the sea it was pleasantly warm.  I spent the majority of the trip sitting outside on one of the large buoys which wedges nicely between the wheelhouse and the bulwarks making a nice comfy slightly bouncy seat.  I was hoping I might see the Sei whales as I had seen them coming down through Eagle passage when I looked out the window at Speedwell a couple of days ago but they were no where to be seen.  The lack of whales from made up for by large numbers of cormorants, albatross and giant petrels.
We are running on a bit of a tight schedule at the moment and have came down to George to do our annual animal stock take and sort the number of animals available to go to the abattoir.  We need to draft all the sheep on the island to take of  the cast ewes, these are all the ewes that have now reached 7 years old.  We also need to go through all the lambs, we will keep 300 of the very best ewe lambs as replacement for the flock.  All the remaining lambs will go to the abattoir before the end of the month, condition permitting as will the 7 year old ewes again condition permitting.  We arrived here just after 2pm had a quick snack and Christopher went straight out on his bike to do the first gather.  These sheep are already home and in the pens and he is away on his second.  I have been unable to go because the Mitsubishi has a puncture.  The schedule is a bit tight because we have the rest of this seasons animals going from Speedwell on Tuesday so we have to get back there in time to gather two camps in and brand and de-tag those animals.  Even after Tuesday the schedule still stays tight as we are going to the ram sale at Saladero on Friday. 


  1. It must be wonderful to be surround by so much wild life. I follow the weather in the Falklands on my desk top weather widget and realize that you have been having some lovely weather. A couple of days we had the same number above and below freezing.
    such as you at 17 C and me at -17 C. Compared to your climate there and mine here is that we have a much wider range of temperatures, hotter in the Summer and colder in the Winter. Your maritime climate comes with more constant winds than we have here. The Winter is ending here. The melt is on. Yesterday it was 9 C and quite a lot of snow melted. Today it is -4 C with some nice sunshine and then a little snow fell. Soon all days will be above freezing. They will be rushing to remove ice fishing huts off the lakes. They will be laying bet as to when the last ice disappeared from the lakes.


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