Thursday, March 1, 2012

Have you ever seen a human catapault?

Following on from my story of the bogging last week I thought I should tell you about another incident that happened on the same day.
We were down on the beach at the crates.  I was sitting on a gabion filled with rock pretty much just watching and getting bits and pieces from the vehicles that Christopher needed for the job.  Christopher was standing on top of a rock filled gabion from a previous attempt at sheep proofing the beach.  He had decided to drive a galvanised steel standard down through the original gabion and then down into the beach.  The gabion had flattened out considerably and he was about 2 feet above the beach.  Using a sledgehammer he drove the standard down through until it was securely driven down into the rocky beach.  He gave the standard a tug and said to me does it seem firm enough?  It was firm and barely moved.  Obviously my assurances were not enough and he went around the other side of the gabion and gave the standard an almighty jerk just to check.  Next thing he is flying through the air, standard clasped between both hands.  It looked like he had been fired off the top of the gabion.  It looked hilarious, there was no sound, his legs didn't move and his hands were still firmly clasping the standard.  Next thing he is flat on his back on the rocky beach.   In some respects it was his  lucky day as the beach had a really thick layering of kelp to break his fall.  The standard had snapped like a carrot.  Uncontrollable laughter.

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