Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Does your heart race when the phone rings in the middle of the night? Coretesting and tractor building

Woke up to the phone ringing at 5 past midnight.  Woke Christopher up to run to the sitting room to get it because he is quicker.  He missed it the first time, it then rang again.  It was Tiphanie our daughter saying she was in hospital but before he could get her number she ran out of credit.  Phoning the Falklands on a mobile costs between 60 to 90p a minute.  luckily the phone number wasn't with held and we were able to dial 1471 to get it.  Tiphanie had been given antibiotics for a throat infection and was on her way to badminton when her eyes started swelling up and her throat started closing and she couldn't breath.  Luckily she was outside a cafe or shop and she went in and they phoned an ambulance.  She was suffering from anaphylactic shock caused by a severe allergic reaction to the antibiotics.  She is the biggest baby when it comes to needles but she didn't have any choice about them yesterday.   She was kept in hospital overnight and today she is back home.  She said it was very scary.
Yesterday morning Christopher and Shaun hand cored all of our bales of wool. Shaun has bruises all over his legs and stomach from using them to push the spikes in.  Pleased to have it done though, can now get on and get it shipped.
In the afternoon they worked on the tractor.  The gearbox is now back in and the front and back end are joined back together.  Christopher is confident the gearbox will work.  He now has to put the head back on the engine and hopefully it will be ready to go.
Today Christopher and Bruce (his father) are away to George Island to pick up sheep.  I was going but then I couldn't get hold of Tiphanie to check she was okay so I decided to stay in town as I couldn't wait 6 or 7 hours to find out. 

Tiphanie on George Island in the sand stone structures

Shaun with the core testing spike

Tanya and Teenie having a go (one bale was enough)

Shaun and Christopher (the size of the wool lot determines how many samples have to be taken from each bale, the smaller the lot the more samples per bale)

Wool stacked in the wool warehouse
Shaun and Tanya flew to Hill Cove to met Leif Poncet who is going to take them on his yacht from Hill Cove to Beaver island where Shaun is going to do a bit of work for him.  Neither Shaun or Tanya have done any proper sailing, it will be interesting to see if they get sea sick or not.  Tiphanie has done a little bit with Leif's brother Dion when she went on a rat eradication programme, she enjoyed it a lot. 


  1. can you please tell me how the sampling probe costs and where I can get one??

    1. Sorry no I can't. The sampling probe belongs to our Department of Agriculture and we only have the use of it.