Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ram sale and Stanley

The ram sale was cancelled for Thursday because the Concordia Bay couldn't do its ferry run between east and west Falkland because of high winds.  This was the second delay but eventually it went ahead yesterday.  We left Stanley at 8 am and arrived at Saladero just before 10am, this is a small government run farm that runs several stud flocks for sale of rams to the farming community.  This year we went to buy Dohne rams, we were interested in 11 of the 12 that were for sale and managed to purchase 5.  There was a bit of competition so we decided to concentrate on the top 4 rams that were ranked for body weight and fleece weight.  The Saladero Dohne rams are not producing a good fleece weight but we have been running Dohnes on George Island for five years and they are.   We are not too worried about the lack of weight on the Saladero ones because the stud flock animals have not always been in the best condition that they could be and this is detrimental to wool growth etc.  Anyway we eventually purchased 5 rams which included our top 4 for £450.00 so we were happy with that.
Christopher went squidding in Port William at 6:30pm last night, it is now 8:30am and he has just arrived home as I write.  Shaun left the house this morning at 7:00am to go squidding and he will now be away until tonight.
I haven't been doing much.  I went to see the panto Dick Whittington with my mum on Thursday night.  It was very good.  The cast are all amateurs but some of them are exceptionally good.  This panto was based very loosely on Dick Whittington who along with his cat was went to London to manage a boy band in an X factor competition.
Today is the sheep show at Fitzroy.  It is a competition for taking your best sheep and fleeces to.  It has several categories, best wool breed animals, best meat breed, best dual purpose etc etc.  We would like to take some of our dual purpose animals to show but getting them off the island and then to Fitzroy and back is just too difficult.  All the same I would have still liked to go for a look but Christopher will be going to bed for a good part of the day and I don't fancy going by myself.
100 kilo plus Pol Dorset ram
Easter eggs are in the shops.  I love Cadburys Easter eggs, yum.  Bought a little something to post to my daughter in the UK, cant say what because she reads my blog occasionally.

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