Saturday, April 2, 2011

Remembering invasion day 29 years ago

29 years ago today I was at home with my mum and dad when confirmation was announced over the radio that an invasion by Argentina was imminent. It was a strange and at times frightening experience.  I remember my brother Peter was in the pub and I think my dad went to bring him home.  We were all told to stay in our homes and there was nothing we could do but wait for it to happen.  We listened to the radio continuously until our local broadcaster was forced to stop broadcasting. I really don't remember what else we did that evening.  I do remember the next day going to the front porch  (our house is on the front road two houses down from the cathedral) and writing down the numbers of  the tanks etc as they went past our house, they seemed never ending.  My mum came in after a short time and saw what I was doing  and said something like are you trying to get yourself killed and took the paper and pen away from me.  That was the start of the invasion for me and my family.

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