Friday, July 22, 2011

Brr its cold!!!

Not much on.  Christopher and Shaun have been working on the trailer that Theo will be lifted out on to.  Hopefully she will be lifted out tomorrow but there is only one crane here with the capacity to lift her out so we have to wait until there is a slot to do it.
Me and Tiphanie (a bit cool in the house tonight)

Right to left the crew, Shaun May, Chris Poole, Steven Poole and Chris May alongside FIPASS

Theo coming into the floating dock (FIPASS)
Tiphanie has done another day electro fishing gathering information for her dissertation.  I have been working as usual.

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  1. I would be interested in learning more about Tiphanies research.

    I am sorry I did not identify myself in my previous comment. I am Philip Robinson in Canada.
    Since I use AOL with the server in Virgina in the US any web counter idenfifies me as in the US.

    I usually try to send a comment using my google profile but it does not seem to work. I will try again. If it fails I may have to send this one anonymous again.