Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Your not alone or hey dad I think you should wake up

Nice to hear from the boys.  They are 2 hours from Wolf rocks and about 4 hours in total from Stanley.  Shaun has been at the helm, Christopher has been having a kip, not sure who  was with Shaun but I'm sure either Chris or Steven were.  It has been incredibly rough.  So rough they decided to go out around Livelys but they abandoned that idea because it was too rough to get behind and decided to run with the sea.  As I said Shaun has been at the helm and they have not long ago been intercepted by HMS Edinburgh?  I don't know how long they watched her on the radar but I imagine it had been calling them.  They didn't have their radio on but Shaun woke Christopher who came up and spoke to them.  Apparently she came right across in front of them.  I don't know how close but will find out more later.  Nice to know there is a warship out there.

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