Saturday, July 9, 2011

No sleep and missing mum

A good while since my last blog.  Going through a phase of can't be bothered.
In the last couple of weeks mum has left to go on holiday to England.  She is 78 years old, so the 18 hour flight to the UK is quite a trip for her.  She has spent the last 10 days with her niece in Eastleigh, today she goes to her friend Anne in Aldershot from their she goes up north to Yorkshire to stay with Peter my brother and Susan my sister, she will then go to Scotland to stay with my brother Charles.  Before she left she made me some ready meals, steak pies, lasagnas and meatballs and mash.  I am so lucky to have such a fantastic mum.  Everyday I go to her house for my lunch and to feed the cat.  Callum her nephew is living in the house but he goes to his other gran for his lunch so it all works in quite well.
Tiphanie is home, its nice to have her back in her old bedroom.  She arrived home totally skint but within a day she had found herself some temporary bar work.  She has been working part time in a pub in Wales so has got some pretty good experience in pub work.  She worked four hours yesterday but she said she had to keep checking the till receipts because spirtis are so much cheaper here, she thought she was ringing it up wrong.  She starts her proper job as a fisheries observer in September but she needs from now until then to finish her dissertation for her masters.  Before she came home she attended the small island games on the isle of Wight to compete in the badminton, she didn't win any of her matches but no one expected that she would.  We have a very small pool of people to chose from here to represent the islands and they are up against islands with very large populations. 
Out on the islands Shaun and Tanya's new kitchen is finished.  The house should be finished being re-wired today and they will be able to move in. It has been a big expensive job but we wanted it done properly and finished to a high standard.  The next big job is to get Theo ready to bring  to town for maintenance.  We are hoping to bring her in shortly after the 17th.  It takes 18 hours to bring her around to Stanley.  We are hoping we can have all the maintenance done in 3 weeks.  Time is pushing on.

The new kitchen, a truly multi talented job, plastering, tiling, plumbing, laying lino and electrics.


The new french doors

Shaun and Tanya in their new kitchen
 I had a stressful few days last week.  At work we are ordering for the September shipment.  This was the first time I had done my part of the ordering by myself  Last time I had Frankie to help me for the first few days.  The first time I started before everyone else and with help had no problem meeting the deadline.  This time I started at the same time and by Wednesday night, I had convinced myself I wasn't going to get finished by end of day yesterday.  I did make the deadline though and also fitted in a large stock take which took half of yesterday, so it was a sleepless night for nothing.

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