Friday, June 24, 2011

By-election and its just old age

Yesterday saw our first by-election since the last election approximately 18months ago.  It wasn't a surprise with talk of people taking wagers on how long it would be before this representative resigned.  To be honest I think he probably lasted longer then a lot of people expected.  One of his portfolios was agriculture, this was a little concerning in the beginning because he was a representative for Stanley.  It turned out that he was a sound representative for the agriculture sector and to be honest I believe he did a good job on our behalf.  He has been replaced by someone who I believe is invaluable when it comes to representing us overseas and can truly hold his own in the international arena.  With the pressure we are currently receiving from Argentina I believe it is imperative that we have a representative that can do this.  I believe some current and former councillors find him difficult to hold their own against.  In my opinion if you can't hold your own and fight your own corner then you are probably too weak to be representing me.
Christopher has been stuck in town all week.  He came in for an eye specialist appointment because he felt one of his eyes was deteriorating rapidly but apparently it is no worse then the last time he went and its just old age!!!!  The weather in Stanley has been calm but it has been too windy out around the islands.  On the way to Stanley the pinion went in the front axle of the Strada. Yesterday and today has been spent repairing that and it is now running again.
Tiphanie is now on the isle of Wight reading to play badminton at the small island games.  I think we have in the region of 44 competitors across the different sports.
It has been a busy week at work.  Today I sent out a list of special offers to our camp customers.  Well I tried to, in the first instance all they received was a cover note with no attachment.  By the time I get to grips with it all it will be time to go back home for the summer. 

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