Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cowboy Decorator

I didn't go to MPA last night because I decided I wanted to be fresh to start decorating the sitting room.  I may as well have went.  First sheet of paper right, second sheet of paper six inches too long at the top, oh six inches too short at the bottom.  Didn't look properly, got the match wrong.  Third sheet of paper right.  Fourth sheet of paper wrong.  Two inches too long at the top, two inches too short at the bottom.  May just get away with that one if the new skirting board is a decent height.  I could slap myself because I know how to do it but I am in such a rush to get it on the walls to see what it looks like.  So pleased when the first sheet went on, just loved it.  Spent ages on the Internet choosing it and then arranging to get it shipped down.  You can't buy wallpaper in the Falklands and even when you could it was mega safe.  Nothing off the wall that the shop might get stuck with.  This is an off white back ground with big purple flowers. Oh I love it!!!  I would love to be an interior designer.  Only design it, not do it you understand.  Right better get back to it, maybe for this sheet I will get on the chair and measure to where the match needs to be instead of standing back and guessing.  Enough decorating for this weekend.  The room is too dark now and it is difficult to see to do the butting together.  
Another wintry day with some snow showers.  Out on the island Christopher, Shaun and Tanya continued to work on the kitchen.  The door is now in through to the passage, the three new radiators are hung ready to be connected.  The plumbing is now in for the washing machine and sink and the gas cooker is sitting in place.   Tanya started un-packing ready to move in.
Lovely new purple wallpaper
I spent the morning working on the accounts.  A very, very expensive month.  First bill £4,000.00 plus, freight bill for shipping our container of wool away.  Second cheque £400.00 to bring Tiphanie home, worth every penny, third cheque Shaun's wages.  Then there was the fuel bill and another £200.00 for more copper pipe and pipe fittings for the house.  Phew,

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