Saturday, June 11, 2011

Another first on the way

Huge congratulations to our daughter Tiphanie for passing the taught section of her masters degree with a B+.  Tiphanie's main degree is in Marine Biology and her masters is within the same field.  She is the first of both of our families to get a degree and a masters will be another first for us.  She is one very determined young lady.  Tiphanie left school with 10 GCSE's all grade C and above.  She then had a bit of a bomber first year at college but pulled out all the stops to get the required grades to get onto the marine biology course at Portsmouth university and hasn't looked back since.  She now arrives home on the 3rd July and will complete her dissertation here in the islands.  She will  have two supervisors here plus her supervisors in Wales.  I have to say that I am a little worried about her doing her dissertation here and would have preferred  her to return to Wales to complete it.   For her final piece of work she is doing work on fish in one of the rivers and this all relies on her supervisors here in the Falklands  getting out with her to collect the information required.  She has put herself on a very tight deadline because she has already taken up employment as a fisheries observer.  She will have ample time to work on her project as long as she has the information to work with.  This and the fact that she will go to sea for several weeks at a time without Internet access will place added stress on her.  I am confident however that with the support of her supervisors here and in Wales she will have a masters degree come September. 
At the same time I have to congratulate my nephew Callum who has just completed his level three as an electrician at Chicester college and who returns to the islands this week.
Shaun our son left school with 9 GCSE's including an A* an A, 5B's and 2C's.  Shaun went off to Bicton agriculture college where he completed his first year and then returned to the islands to complete his second year of practical work which he did.  He then had a tragic vehicle accident that prevented him from returning to complete his third year.  We looked at him completing the course a year later by correspondence but he wasn't interested.  His outlook is "look at you dad you've done alright without qualifications".  True enough he has and like his dad he will do okay.

Tiphanie graduating as a Marine Biologist

Callum and Tiphanie

Shaun working on the house demolition
 Well congratulations finished and it is now light enough to start wallpapering.

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