Thursday, June 2, 2011

OOOOO it's cold & facebook again!!!!

Um, got home from work yesterday to see my sister had put a link on facebook again.  I then had to go down to the shops and felt all embarrassed in case anyone had seen it.  Not much chance they hadn't because it was on there 4 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Got up to a covering of snow this morning.  Decided to walk to work because it seemed quite slippery.  Most people were driving past me though so I guess it was fine.  Its so cold and windy.
A near disaster in Shaun and Tanya's house this week.  The whole kitchen newly plaster boarded, all the seams plastered and finished, the coving up, everything looking good. Next job take out the old boiler.  Turn on the water to drain the boiler down and forget that you disconnected a pipe.  Consequences water running down through the coving and  new plasterboard.  Very, very lucky that Shaun and Christopher were both there.  Christopher knew straight away what it was, he rushed up into the loft to cover the pipe while Shaun turned the water off again.  Pretty depressing for a while I think but they mopped up the water laying on top of the ceiling and put on some heating and it dried out with no damage.  Phew.
Lastly 5 followers, still a long way to go to conquer the world.
A rough day out on the islands

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