Saturday, May 28, 2011

Don't open the door!!!!

A mucky weekend, no drying, not even worth pegging the clothes out.  So pleased I have a tumble dryer.
I had a funny day at work yesterday.  I looked at my watch and thought it was 4:30.  I closed down my computers and cleared my desk.  Then I said to Justina my boss would you like me to hoover the office.  We have no cleaner so we take it turns to hoover on a Friday.  I merry went about my hoovering, the girls all obligingly moved for me.  I finished the job put on my coat.  Then thought thats funny no one else is getting ready to leave.  Its not unusual for Justina, Sarah or Nicole to work late but I thought it was strange that no one was getting ready to leave, not even Marabelle who normally leaves about the same time as me.  I said "it is 4:30 isnt it".  How embarrasing it was only 3:30.  I said to Justina what would you have done if I had just walked out.  "She said, nothing I would have just thought you must have told me about it and I had forgot".  "Once you were gone I would have probably said to the girls where did Lindsey say she was going".  Anyway it gave us all a good laugh.
Shaun and Tanya decided to go to the pub for the last hour before closing time last night.  Shaun  opened the door and got punched straight in the chest.   He said the doorman was stopping one of the customers going out the door with a glass and the customer was getting stroppy.  The customer went to punch the doorman just as Shaun opened the door. Shaun got it right in the chest.  He was fine, said it didnt really hurt, lucky it was him that opened the door and not Tanya.
Not a lot else on.  Christopher finished the work in the kitchen in our house and has been finishing the plastering in Shaun and Tanya's house ready for Tanya to paint when she gets back on Thursday.  Shaun is away back tomorrow.  Shaun and Tanya ordered carpets for their kitchen and living room and also bought a second hand suite of furniture this week.  An expensive week for them but they pretty much have everything they need now.
I got my first pay packet, a bit disappointing it wasn't a full month and I also have income tax taken of as a second job.  All and all it looked a bit sad.  The wool cheque also came in yesterday,  very pleasing.  We sell our wool altogether so the payment comes in as one lump sum.  The wool hasn't even arrived in Prague yet!!  The only down side was we were unable to get our bellies and stained pieces away because we could not get anymore bales in the container.  We were hoping to get it in a container with someone else's wool but it didn't work out in the end.  It is worth £6,000 plus so it would have been nice to get it away but there will be chances again starting around about October time, so not too worried.

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