Tuesday, May 10, 2011

work and advice on kissing

Nothing much new to talk about.  Another day at work and the stack of papers that I have to get ordered is still about the size of a pack of A4 paper.
Christopher, Shaun and Tanya finished plaster boarding the new kitchen.  The wiring is all in it for the plugs and sockets.  The whole house has to be re-wired before they can move in because it still has some of the old rubber wiring which has been condemned for use for a long time.  Tomorrow they will start the plastering.  Christopher took one of the windows out and put it back in.  Although it was in the hole straight it was pushed in slightly at one end so he couldn't put the surround on evenly.  It is fascinating that Christopher can not put anything away and all his sheds are just a tip but he can't stand not doing a job properly.
Concordia Bay went to Speedwell yesterday and we now have all our crab processing equipment.  The only thing we are waiting for is a special filter system for blowing the crab out of the crab legs.  Christopher has been working on the crab processing room in between helping on the house.
On Sunday, my sister Stephanie, her daughter Chelsea and son Macaulay and I went to my mums for lunch.  We got around to talking about kissing, not sure how.  Anyway mums advice to 15 year old Macaulay and 12 year old Chelsea was don't slobber and if they try to put their tongue down your throat, bite it!!!!
My new clothes arrived from LL Bean in America and Ezibuy in New Zealand this week.  Shouldn't need to get any more for a good while. 

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