Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Challenge Day

Today was challenge day here in the Falkland Islands, it may have even been world wide but I'm not sure.  For those that have not heard of it it is to try and get every one to do five minutes exercise that will leave them breathless. The FIC that I work for arranged to borrow a cycling machine with the idea that the staff would all do a five minute stint.   My turn was at 9:35am and I was breathless before I even got there as I had only left myself five minutes to get from the warehouse to the store. I cycled .92 kilometres.  After me was David, I didn't realise but he looked at what I had done then went on and did .93 in his 5 minutes.  Being more then a little bit competitive I decided to go back after I finished work and do another five minutes to see if I could beat him.  The second time I managed 1.04 kilometres but my legs were a little bit jellyfied when I got off.  It was good fun but it would have been more fun with two bikes because we could have raced each other.
Not much else on, Christopher has been working on our house at Speedwell, he has moved the gas stove for me, tiled behind it and put in two cupboards.  The house leaves a lot to be desired but every little bit helps to make it better.
David, no wonder his legs felt like jelly after five minutes cycling in a padded boiletsuit.
Little does he know he is now on the web.  So funny.
Shaun finished stevedoring today and is now ready to go back to Speedwell.  Tanya has finished her weeks hairdressing but is staying in until Wednesday because she has a doctors appointment.

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