Sunday, May 22, 2011

May Ball and house renovations

Luckily for all of us the world didn't end yesterday so we live to see another day.
This week Christopher, Shaun and Tanya have all been in Stanley.  Tanya has been in for her weeks haircutting which she had planned to fit in with the May Ball which I will tell you more about later.  Christopher came in because he needed more wiring, plumbing fittings etc for their house and Shaun is in to do squidding.  Christopher is away back to Speedwell today, he was pleased to be going because it has been an expensive week buying all the little bits and pieces needed to finish the kitchen, plumbing and re-wiring.  Shaun worked from 10 yesterday morning until 10 last night stevedoring  and has just left the house to do the same again today.
My week at work has been good.  I have now started doing stock takes in the warehouse.  The initial stock take is straight forward.  I go out scan and count a particular line, on Friday it was all the biscuits.  I then get a variance report which shows the anomalies.  I then go out with either Nicole or one of the men and check that my original count is correct.  If that doesn't sort the anomaly then things get more difficult.  I then work with Sarah who is showing me the next part of the job which is to find out  why we have more or less of the product then the database says we should have.  It starts of quite straight forward with checking how many we have booked out of the warehouse to our shop the West Store.  Sometimes the problem is there.  If its not we have to look at when the goods arrived on the boat, did we receive what the database says, was it put on the database correctly.  If this doesn't work then you have to start thinking outside the box.  I'm still finding it difficult to recall all the places within the box at the moment but its coming.  I also started ordering my toiletries.  This wasn't as straight forward as it seemed because when something is out of stock you then have to start trawling through what is available to find something which you believe is similar.  The main lesson of the week was take trainers to work because its not comfortable on the top of a tall step ladder in boots with heels.
Friday night was May Ball night.  The May ball is held each year to celebrate Empire day.  It is a big occasion in the social calendar.  The event is open to everyone over the age of 15 but is primarily for our 15 and 16 year old.  Most of the 15 year old girls and some 16 and older will purchase a ball gown specially for the occasion.  Most dresses will be purchased outside the islands although some can be purchased in the islands.  The young boys will have suits for the occasion.  All those wishing to enter the competition will be given a number upon arrival.  A month before the ball dance lessons will be held so that the youngsters can learn the traditional dances of waltzes etc.  On the night they will all dance within a circle so that  the judges can see them.  At close to midnight a May queen and May princess will be chosen.  These are chosen by judges who are people who are new to the islands and do not know the girls or the families.  Prince charming and Prince charmings runner up is also chosen  but this is by popular vote.  All the women attending the event are given a voting slip upon arrival which they will then chose their Prince charming and post their vote in the voting boxes.  This year my nephew Macaulay Middleton was Prince charmings runner up so I am a very pleased auntie.
Shaun ready for his first May Ball aged 15 with his nanny and grandad May  Tiphanie our daughter was May Queen when she was 16 but I don't have any photos on this computer.  As you can see the date on the computer is wrong.
Macaulay Middleton taken several years ago.  I had some lovely photos of the event from facebook but it wouldn't allow me to upload them.
Lastly for the week Christopher started taking the tongue and groove out of our living room.  It was all done out like it when we purchased the house but I find the wood stain makes the room dull plus you can't do anything with it.  When everyone is away back to Speedwell I will start working on the walls getting them ready for wall papering.

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