Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Artificail insemination and brain strain

Still quite busy out on Speedwell.  Tomorrow sees the insemination of 200 ewes with Samm (South African Mutton Merino) semen.  As I previously said we sourced the semen ourselves and it has proved to be quite difficult.  Everything appeared to be going well the rams went into quarantine in Australia in plenty of time, the semen was then collected in plenty of time but then something went wrong.  It is difficult to say who is to blame for the problem but all the tests on the semen were not completed in time.  Fortunately for us and the suppliers we were given dispensation to bring it in and it was held at the agriculture department while waiting for the results.  As it goes we still had to put the insemination off for 2 days.  It could have been far worse however because we also purchased genetics for other farms and naturally if the programme hadnt been able to go ahead they would have been looking for their money back, as would we and that is never a straight forward situation.
Today Christopher, Shaun and Tanya have been instructed in collecting fresh semen and doing artificial insemination.  The plan is to buy the equipment required and to do some artifical insemination with fresh semen in the future.  They have been taught by the australian vet that comes down to implant the frozen semen and in some cases embryos.
The miniature ponies have both been castrated today.  Lets hope it calms them down a bit, I doubt it.
I started work in Stanley yesterday.  It is a different job to what I usually do.  This winter I am working for the FIC (the biggest retailers in the Falklands).  My job is to help with the ordering of non food products i.e, cleaning products, toiletries, baby products and pet food.  It is quite a task to get your head around because of the time products take to arrive from the UK.  For instance at the moment the ordering we are doing is for the period 31/07 until the 09/10.  You have to take into account what stock you have, how long it will last, what is already ordered to arrive on the May boat and what is ordered to come on the July boat.  Im sure I will get it but it has severly strained the grey matter. I have two more days training.  I enjoy a challenge and I will now work until the end of August.  Then Christopher and I will go to Chile for a week.  Yea.
A sandstone dogs head (found in this state naturally)

A magical dragons head in the sand stone (again this was how it was found)

Sandstone mini caves, we believe this erosion is started by the Jackass penguins who burrow into the ground.  The wind then wears it away until eventually they collapse.
I also have a new follower, is it my sister Susan or another Susan.

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