Saturday, May 14, 2011

Artifical insemination, Peacocks and Pizza

Yea its the weekend.  A good week at work.  Pretty certain I have got the hang of it. This week the West Store which is part of the shopping complex that I work for launched it's first web page.  It is very good but still a work in progress.  It also has a facebook page, a first for retailers in the Falklands.  Included within the complex is Peacocks this is a branch of the UK Peacocks.  It is such a treat to be able to buy your everyday clothing.  The West Store also launched there made to order pizza, hot and ready to eat.  Either order in advance or wait until it is ready.  I bought one yesterday and waited a mere 15 minutes for it to be made and heated.  It was tasty and the waiting time was reasonable.  It must be only 6 months since the new local enterprise Mama Sue's pizza was started.  This is a deliver to your door pizza service so I hope this business is not affected too much.  Stanley is very small and it doesn't take too much competition to seriously affect a business.  While on the subject of food we have also had another cafe open in the last six months.  In fact my mother and I went there for lunch yesterday.  It is also proving very popular with a good menu range.  Including, sandwiches, breakfasts, a lunch menu such as chicken and chips etc and  freshly cooked bread ready to take away.  It is the enterprise of a young St Helenian girl so it includes some St Helenian meals and also some Chilean meals.
On the islands the artificial insemination programme is finished.  We had to keep the inseminated ewes in quarantine for 4 days after the insemination because one of the required results for the semen had not been received.  We were allowed to go on with the programme because the disease the semen was getting tested for is I believe now very rare and the vets were as confident as you can be that the results would be negative.  If there had been a problem the ewes would have all had to be aborted.  Thankfully it didn't come to that.  Now we have to wait until they can be scanned to see how many of the ewes got in lamb.  With the use of frozen semen the results are only expected to be about 60%.  Those not in lamb will then be put to a Samm ram to be covered naturally.
House wise the new kitchen is now all insulated and plaster boarded.  They are now in the process of plastering.  Plastering is new to Christopher but it appears to be going okay.
This week was our daughter Tiphanie's 23rd birthday.  I really, really wanted to send her a chocolate tower but she is currently in training to represent the Falklands at the small island games on the Isle of Wight.  She will be playing badminton and has been training hard since she found out she had been selected.  I thought it would be unfair to send her chocolates as she has lost a stone in weight in preparation so instead I sent her a fruit basket.  What a shame you can't get fruit towers.
Lastly for entertainment tonight we have the Eurovision song contest.  I believe Jedwood are being tipped to come second.  Entertain they can, sing, I'm not so sure.  My favourite programme on at the moment is the Apprentice.  So many big egos.

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