Monday, May 9, 2011

What you've put it on facebook!!!!! beetle & i-tunes

It was only meant for the rest of the world.  Got up today  and put on the computer to check facebook before work and right at the top is a link to my blog.  Thanks to my sister Susan I have been too embarrassed to go out today.  Well at least it got 16 views today which is about twelve more then usual.
Apparently she misses them when I don't blog so here is a quick up date from over the weekend.
Friday night, me, my mum, my sister Stephanie and my niece Chelsea went to a beetle drive.  It was a fun evening with beetle drives obviously and music quizzes etc.  My sister is so competitive that she gets annoyed if someone on her table drops the dice on the floor.  I have to remind her that we are playing against children as young as 7 and she probably should throw the dice on the floor to give them a chance.  Not a chance!!!!
Today is my 5th day in my new job.  I think I've got it now but you know what they say. "you don't know what you don't know", so true.  It amuses me a bit.  I am currently ordering for  a shipment which will arrive on the 31st July and which needs to last until the 09th October.  It is totally bizarre as I finish on the 31st August.  I have visions of the warehouse either been over full or empty!!!
On Sunday I at last found a way to download i-tunes in the Falklands.  I downloaded 21 songs.  I used 300 megabytes, a third of my allocation.  Christopher said it would have been cheaper to buy the singles and fly them in.
Christopher, Shaun and Tanya carried on working on the house at Speedwell.  Christopher said Tanya cleaned and cleaned and cleaned.  The house is obviously getting pretty grotty with dust and wood shavings.  In turn Christopher sniffed and sneezed his way through the day.
Lastly for today a war memory.  As the war in the Falklands intensified the people in Stanley were advised to move out of their houses and into "safe houses", safe houses were generally stone, our house was of a timber construction.  We moved into the West Store a large brick building.  To start with we only went to sleep there. This was necessary because of the curfew.  If shelling started during the night you couldn't go out so it was decided we would go before the curfew.  My dad and I wasn't that keen on it and we would be the first ones out in the morning.  This one particular morning we slipped out at about 3 minutes to 8.  We were walking home and was nearly there when a large British plane flew up the harbour, it wasn't that low thankfully.  I think it must have been the day the airstrip was bombed but I can't be sure. Suddenly there was bullet tracer everywhere.  Ever soldier that had a gun (and they all had guns and there were lots of them) was shooting at it.  There was no hope they were going to hit it I wouldn't think because it was too high.  The air was just full of tracer.  We were only the width of an alleyway and the length of our fence from the gate but we couldn't get there. The only thing close to shelter beside was our car which was parked on the drive.  That taught us for leaving early. 

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