Monday, June 6, 2011

Snow and 106 page views

Wow 106 page views from the USA today.
 I walked to work again today, the snow was quite deep but again most people were driving.  The snow was deep enough on the hill to give quite good grip.  Busy day at work getting the orders ready to go away.  Quite a brain strain day again for me as most of the work has to be done on excel and I have never really used it.  It appears to be all quite simple but because I don't know the programme I find I have to keep asking what appears to be trivial questions to get my work done.  I think I have got to grips with using it for this part of my work now so tomorrow should be easier.
Another busy day out on the island.  Shaun and Tanya have spent the best part of the day running the new wiring in their house.  They now have a couple of days by themselves while Christopher is away.  Shaun's jobs are to run all the wiring for the lights and plugs.  He then has to wire the plugs but leave all the faces off for Christopher to check when he gets back.  After that he has to build the rest of the kitchen units ready for them to be installed.
Christopher is away down to George Island on the boat to take the rams off.  He arrived down there after lunch and straight away went and gathered the back of the island in to get the hoggets.  He said they are in good condition.  The island is very wet which ties in with the summary of the weather for May which was apparently wetter then usual.  Tomorrow he will gather the front of the island and bring in the 1,100 ewes to take the rams off.  The island will then be left open so that the hogs can come onto the front of the island.  The front has much better feed then the back but we have no alternative other then shut the hogs on the back to stop them getting in lamb.
Tomorrow Christopher has the islander aircraft coming to George with a member of the agriculture department.  Not really sure why Christopher has requested a visit.  Its a chance to get the rest of the copper pipe out so that is really good, we wasn't sure that they would be able to take it because of the length but FIGAS was as ever very helpful. I see that Christopher's dad Bruce has been to the house and collected the pipe and fittings so it is all down at the airport ready to go.
7:35 am on the way to work this morning

Theo at the George Island jetty.

The Islander on the George Island airstrip
My mum went back to work for three weeks today.  She is 78 years old and despite having a serious illness is as fit as a fiddle.  Each time she gives up work she says this is it I'm definitely not going back but then they ring and of she goes again.  It is an easy job, answering the phone and taking orders etc in a carpet shop.  In three weeks she is off to the UK to see my sister and brothers and spend the summer with them.  I will miss her as she has been cooking dinner for me every day.

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