Saturday, June 11, 2011

It must have been the plumb

I have finished all the wallpapering I can do for the time being.  I now need Christopher to come in and remove the stove and ceramic chimney.  You may think it is odd that I am decorating when the room isn't ready but Christopher is so busy that if I wait for him to have time to do the whole job at once then I will never get the room done.  He is very careful however and I am sure he will be able to remove it without causing any mess or damage.  Anyway, I had a sneaking suspicion that the wall paper was creeping up on an angle and had already decided that when I went around the second corner I would use the plumb line to make sure it was straight.  It couldn't have been further out if it had tried.  I partly blame the corners because they are not nice straight corners but it was so far out that I had to overlap part way down to get the paper straight again.  Although a bit drastic I have a cunning plan to put display units right along the end wall so where I have had to overlap will be hidden.  The paper has got to go straight on the wall I am working on now  because there is no where to hide any more mistakes. If I go out as drastically on this wall as the first it will probably be side on by the time I get to the end.  Luckily the design allows the pattern to creep up without any ill effects.  I was thinking about past papering expeditions today when I remembered my second attempt at papering.  We had just bought our first farm. I had papered the sitting room which had been quite uneventful and decided the following year to paper our bedroom.  The ceilings in the house were not in good condition, they were warped and the paper over the joins was coming away.  I decided the solution to make it look better would be to paper the ceiling with anaglypta and then paint it.  I got on and done it and was quite pleased with myself.  Tiphanie was still sleeping in her cot in our bedroom at the time.  Anyway I woke up to the noise of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  I knew straight away what the noise was, it was the paper letting go on the ceiling.   "Christopher, Christopher the  papers falling of the ceiling, its going to wake the baby"  That was my one and only attempt at wallpapering ceilings.  We got up and pulled it all off and the baby didn't wake.  I think it probably didn't work because the house wasn't heated properly and the glue didn't dry quick enough.   Luckily  I have quite a good sense of humour.  I thought it was really funny
Out on the island work continues on the house.  Despite sending out another £200 worth of plumbing and fittings they are still 12 elbows short.
In Stanley I am now trying to restrain myself from opening up the first of the display units.  The end of the room where they are going is now finished and they could be built and put in place.  I know I don't have any of the right screwdrivers etc for the job, but I really do want to get at them.

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