Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rice Krispie House

Its thirteen years since we brought this house and I am still finding rice Krispies.  They seemed to be stuck everywhere when we bought it.  Today I decided to start getting the walls reading to paper in the living room and where Christopher took the tongue and groove out, there they were again.  They don't half stick like **** to a blanket.
A quiet day today.  Still cold.  I am supposed to be going to MPA to play bowls tonight with the girls and boys from FIC but I am thinking that if I dont I may get more work done to my walls tomorrow.  Work or play!!!
Walked to work again yesterday.  I found muscles in my calves that I didnt know existed.  The hill is so steep going down and seems even steeper coming home.
Monday I have to pay Tiphanies flight for her to come home in July.  £400 plus one way and that is half price because she can fly on student rate.
Out on the island Christopher and Shaun are hoping to get the three new radiators fitted today.  He has had trouble getting pipe fittings because the old pipe is an unusual size that it has to be connected into.
This afternoon mum and I are going shopping.  Im looking for a birthday present for Tanya as it is her birthday on mid winters day. 
Time to go, got to get ready to go to Shorties for lunch.  Must try and get some photos from around Stanley to put on here.

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