Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Day with Hollie

Today I have been mostly looking after Hollie.  She is a gorgeous little girl and so good.  She is taking more and more steps by herself.  She loves it when grandad spoils her and lets her tap and bang on his computer.  He has already broke the screen so she can't do much more damage.
It wasn't a planned day with nanny but mummy Tanya has a really bad back to the point of not being able to pick Hollie up so she is away into Stanley via FIGAS to have it checked out and hopefully get some good strong painkillers.  Hollie arrived at 8:30 this morning and stayed until 5:00 this afternoon when daddy Shaun knocked off.  I am very much looking forward to having her again for the day tomorrow.
Hollie and grandad
At the moment we have Ali out with us.  We will employing him pretty much full time for the foreseeable future.
Today's work for the men has mainly involved them getting ready to go down to George Island in the next day or 2 to finish the repairs to the George Island jetty.  Shaun and Ali have been building shuttering for the piles.  They also moved all the drums of  fuel of the jetty.  Christopher has been collecting up stuff for George Island, he also helped Shaun do the plane and sorted out seed potatoes to take down to George.  It has been a foul day with lots of rain.
Just to bring you all up to date on a bit more of our news.  We are building a new house on Speedwell Island next year.  We decided we needed to build another house as the crabbing has been very successful and we have found we don't have enough employees to do all the work needed.  Originally we started the crabbing to make another wage because our daughter wanted to come home and work.  This is still the case but of course Shaun and Tanya are now leaving which has changed things a bit but never the less we still need another house as we still need another employee.  At the moment it looks like we will move into the new house, Tiphanie and her boyfriend Claudio will move into Shaun and Tanya's house and we will use this small house for a casual employee because at the moment whenever we employee Ali or any casual workers which is quite frequently they have to stay with us.

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