Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Diving Buddy

                                           Christopher using his seabreathe equipment.

Lots of kelp around the jetty at the moment.

Ali, Shaun and Christopher using the tremme pipe to feed the cement into the shuttering.

Christopher repositioning the tremme pipe.

Ali and Shaun.

Christopher diving buddy.

Diving buddy a female Sealion.

Self portrait of Christopher taken underwater.

Third day of jetty repairs finished.  Everything is going well and they have now repaired 12 piles and have 4 more left.
The sealion that you see in the pictures is one that he thinks has been here since we bought the islands in 2001.  She is very cheeky and if it is the same one he used to play with it dangling a piece of string of the jetty when he first came here.  She likes to stand on her head and blow bubbles in the sand and come up really close to him.



  1. Love your blog. I'm 52, back in college, and in a few years desire to leave the States and move below Lat 0o. I see pending global collapse and am considering relocation to the Falklands or Region 11 in Chile. I'm in NE Florida and originally from Jersey, the American one, not the one in the Channel.
    With a move to Chile it would be setting up a low cost B&B and servicing trekkers, fly fishermen, and kayakers. In the Falklands it would be greenhousing, arbour (tree planting/nursery), low cost solar hot water heaters, conversion to electric central where many have #2 fuel or kero complemented with wind generation, and possibly a small miniature golf course and small arcade near Stanley,
    I would augment with the ability to attain paint at a very, very cheap cost and have it shipped from the US (I can get top quality Sherwin Williams paints which are slightly out of date or mistinted for about a half a pound a US gallon) and other surplus items which FK imports at retail cost new. I estimate it is about 4,000 pounds to ship a full 53' container, and I can get used 53' containers for about 1,000 pounds free and clear.
    If Chile, I'm getting two containers and shipping down 6 Jeep Cherokee 4 by 4's, kayaks, fishing gear, and other supplies and will convert the containers to live in, using tents for my discount B&B/hostel, renting the Jeeps for half of what new knock offs go for.
    I used to do lobstering off the Jersey Shore, and we'd get spider crabs, black and red drum, other stuff in the pots, a string of 10 to 20 pots on lines. I also used to do bulkheading jetting pylons into the mud.
    I have an idea of possibly harvesting kelp to convert into fertilizer, and work on cold weather strains of plants that wouldn't need greenhousing and which could tolerate the winds.
    These are a few on my links. As implied, I think there is an understanding of what kind of people each are. I get a feel from the Falklands Government website that they are trying to attract emigrants. I figure I have 20-30 good and productive years left, so......

    anyway.... best of luck. my email is skotdavidwilson@yahoo.com if you ever need advice on paints. Peace...

    1. Hi, thanks for your comments on my blog. You have some interesting ideas.

  2. hi just dropped by your blog! I'd love it if you'd visit back :)

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