Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I'm Back and it's all change

Well it's been a long time and a lot has happened and I'm not really sure where to start.  I have thought of blogging over the last 4 months but so much that has been happening has been intermingled with something that I wanted to keep private that I have found it easier just not to blog but I can share it all with you now.
Shaun and Tanya have purchased their own farm.  It is called Albermarle and it is on the West Falkland Islands. It is a massive farm and him, Tanya and the adorable Hollie will be moving very shortly.  It has been well known in the islands that Shaun and Tanya were in negotiations to buy Albermarle but I havent blogged about it because farms are very hard to come by in the Falklands and I didnt want to write anything that might lead to someone else trying to outbid him and purchase the property.  They are now the proud owners of 16,225 hectares which includes at least 2 mountains, and is the most hilly country I have ever seen. 
Before the purchase was completed Shaun was given permission to go over and put the rams out as the farm had been out on lease and the lease had expired so there was no one running the farm for a short period of time.  We went across with them to help Shaun put the rams out and do an animal stock take.  We took the ferry across from east to west Falklands. We were not far along the road towards Albermarle when we started seeing steep little valleys from the road.  Shaun said to Tanya I hope we haven't got any of them, by the time we arrived at Albermarle he had come to the conclusion that they were the equivalent of ditches and yes he had some of them and they were much bigger and steeper.  Quite an eye opener when you have been living on flat islands.  We spent 9 days there and Christopher and Shaun gathered sheep every day.  Christopher had the sorest **** ever.  The farm is currently running in the region of 6,000 sheep.  It has a herd of reindeer and a manned military radar site on top of Mount Alice.
Will try and blog a bit more regular now and up date you all on whats happening here on the islands.  I have quite a hoard of news.

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