Saturday, December 3, 2011

101 visitors

We could not have wished for a more perfect day weather wise for the visit of cruise ship Bremen.  Today Bremen was carrying 101 passengers and unusually all 101 landed on Barren.  The first zodiac came off at approx 7:00 am.  On the purpose built landing stage on Barren lounged a Sea Lion to greet them.  Christopher and Shaun went over to Barren in our rib to meet the Bremen expedition crew and greet the passengers as they landed.  Bremen stayed anchored at Barren until approx 1:00 am, she then moved across to George Island, a meer hop.  Passengers started disembarking at approx 2:45 pm on George Island.  Shaun despite not wanting to shear because he believes he is shy actually  didn't mind doing it at all when he got started.  Christopher's dog trialing also went okay.  Elle and Meg were quite tired because they spent so much time chasing sticks etc for various people but they still managed to do an okay job.
The visitors today were a fantastic group of people. Most were German, Swiss or Austrian.   It never ceases to amaze me that nearly everyone speaks English to some degree.   Everyone I spoke to were either fluent or spoke enough to have a reasonable  conversation with.  It was a pleasure to have them on our islands. 
In the house it was pretty manic for just over an hour.  We managed to keep up with our teas and coffees pretty well and our cakes appeared to go down  well.   The last zodiac back to Bremen from George Island was 6:30pm.  It is now 8:10 pm and the kitchen is hoovered, the lino washed, all the cups are washed and packed away ready for the next visit.  Everything is back as it was and you would never know that today we had 101 visitors.
Tonight we have to pack up ready to move up to Speedwell tomorrow morning.  The next big job is lamb marking Speedwell Island next weekend.
The day still isn't finished for Christopher and he  is now away to Barren to get some pieces of an old tractor to take up to Speedwell for the tractor there.

Bremen through my kitchen window this morning.

Tourists landing on the purpose built landing stage on Barren Island.

Last 2 zodiacs leaving George Island.

Our cakes
All in all a great day.  Bring on the next one.

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  1. How lovely that you had a successful visit from the cruise ship on a day when the weather cooperated. The period crowds of people must exhaust you. They would me although I rather enjoy my solitude.