Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nearly Ready

Finished the last of the cooking for lamb marking this weekend.  Still not sure how many people are coming but I'm sure there will be enough food.
Tanya flew back today.  They have have had an update on Bex from the vet and he is very happy with her.
This morning mum and I made egg and bacon tarts and this afternoon I spent a couple of hours in the garden weeding.  The garden at Speedwell is ahead of the George one and most of the potatoes are up.  The strawberries that Christopher moved are good and healthy and now have flowers on them.
Christopher and Shaun carried on working on motorbikes and they now have 9 motorbikes running ready for lamb marking.  That includes my 4 wheeler and  Tanya's 4 wheeler.  They also went and put the pen up out at the airstrip ready for lamb marking on Saturday.

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