Monday, December 5, 2011


A positive outcome for Bex. Bex finally got her x-rays this afternoon.  They showed that her pelvis is broken in two places.  Her age is in her favour and she does not need an operation.  She is to stay at the vet department until Monday.  When she leaves the vet department she will go and stay with Christopher's father and mother for at least 2 weeks.  During the 2 weeks she is to be kept in a very small area so that she can't walk around.  After the two weeks she is allowed to have short walks in the yard and gradually build her exercise up.  She should make a full recovery.  The only problem she  may end up with is one of incontinence but as she isn't a house dog this shouldn't really be a problem.  What a relief.


  1. Glad to read that your dog will be OK...

  2. You seem to have got the best outcome possible.
    You must be happy and can get over any feeling of guilt.