Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hi to our visitors of the Bremen

Still Christmas shopping.  I have left it far to late and there is very little in the shops in the way of fancy sweets etc.  Luckily I did order a fair bit of my Christmas shopping on line from the UK and it has all arrived.
Today Tiphanie leaves Indonesia on her way home.  I am so looking forward to her getting home.  I will be relieved when she is at least back in England.
I think today is the day that the tourists that visited George Island on Bremen arrive back home.  I hope and am sure that you had a fabulous time visiting South Georgia and Antarctica.  If our weather has been anything to go by I expect  you  would have had fantastic weather for your trip.
Bex is back home with us at our house in Stanley.  She is much better and can now walk around okay although sometimes she carries her leg.  She is still restricted to a 20 foot length of rope at the moment but the vet has said that when we go back out to the island after Christmas she will be good to start resuming her normal activities.  She was so pleased to see me and started rolling around in the grass and wagging her tail.  Christopher went to see her and she growled and barked at him.  I think she is confused about who accidentally ran her over.

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