Tuesday, December 13, 2011

In an airport in Dubai!!!

As you know Tiphanie is away to Indonesia for a fortnight.  She flew out Friday morning on the RAF flight.  We then saw updates on face book on how she was getting on.  Saturday there was an update saying Tiphanie May is in Dubai airport.  After that there was nothing.  I waited all day Sunday.  By 10pm I was checking face book every 5 minutes. Nothing, nothing, nothing.  I have to say I was starting to get worried because there comes a point when you think she must have arrived somewhere by now.  10:30 I went to bed resigned to the fact that I wasn't going to hear anything on Sunday.  I hadn't been in bed 5 minutes when Christopher came in and said Tiphanie has updated her status and has arrived safe and sound in Indonesia. She is now on an island that I have never heard of called the Gilis.  You know the saying you reap what you sew.  With Tiphanie the saying couldn't be truer.  I always said to Tiphanie and Shaun, work hard at school, get good results be confident and the world is your oyster.  Well she worked hard, she got good results, she is very confident and now she is checking out the world. The trip wasn't straight forward for her as she had to take an internal flight in Indonesia which she hadn't been able to book on line and I guess that was what was worrying me the most.
Back in the Falklands.  First thing Monday Christopher went back down to the Sand grass and took a cut of approx 100 ewes and lambs out and put them into Phillips Point.  You will recall that the sheep have been moving because of the pond becoming dry.  If we had left them in the Sand grass the camp would have become very pressured with the extra amount which would have been detrimental to all the ewes and lambs in the camp.
I spent the morning washing up all the bedding and cleaning the house ready to leave for George Island in the afternoon.  The morning was quite quiet.  It was about 3 o'clock before we were ready to leave and it was starting to get breezy.  It was a case of really needing to go because we needed to be down on George Island to start slaughtering our Xmas lamb.  Outside the harbour Eagle Passage was running with white toppers.  I could see it was on the edge of my comfort factor but you could tell there was no swell.  If there is a swell the sea looks lumpy from the land and it didn't.  Christopher said do you want to go or wait until later when the wind goes down again.  I decided to go just in case the wind didn't go down.  The first half hour was fine as I had thought but then the wind seemed to get up a bit more and changed direction and it was coming on the side of the boat.  I was sitting behind the wheel and the waves were getting bigger to the point where Christopher started saying this is going to be a big one.  It was at the point where any rougher was going to be too rough and we still had a long way to go.  At this point Tanya cheerfully pipped up and said "we might roll over".  Luckily as much as I get nervous I have great faith in the boat and Christopher and I wasn't worried it might roll over.  I knew however that Christopher would be  thinking he could do without comments like that.  He quietly said "that's not a very good thing to say when someone is nervous".  Shortly after we changed course and went up between George and Speedwell so that we could run with the wind.  It was much more comfortable although it added time to the trip.  A short while later we turned again and run back up the back of George and around the point.  As soon as we rounded  Strike off the sea was much more civilised.  Needless to say it was the roughest trip I had done in a couple of years.


  1. How wonderful that your daughter is able to travel the World a little. It certainly is the long way around to have to go to Britain first.
    Dubai must be a very strange place. I think of it as the Disneyland of urban developement. Everything is built the biggest and most dramatic although the World economic downturn took its toll there. I hope Tiphanie keeps a journal and takes lots of photos so she can share her experience with the rest of you. Years from now she can relive her adventures.

    As I have mentioned my sister has travelled the World extensively and is still at it. She has been more places than I can remember. I am an armchair traveller. One day I told her my favourite website was about Isfahan, in Iran and how it would be wonderful to visit there with all its marvelous Islamic architecture. She pipped up and said, "Oh, I have been there." She had some slides among the 3500 photos they took when they were first travelling.. It was years ago, right after she was married. She and her husband spent 15 months travelling around the world on very local types of transportation. They were in Iran on their trek from India thought Pakistan and Afghanistan on their way to Europe.

    My friend Lynn who likes to travel said we should go some where where Penny has not been. That may be hard to do.

    In any case it is wonderful that a young woman from the Falklands can travel the world. Perhaps, some day she might get to see some of Canada.

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