Thursday, December 8, 2011

More sun, repairs, ponies, gathering and drafting

Busy couple of days.  Yesterday was spent gathering and drafting.  One of those annoying days when we were doing a job that shouldn't have really needed doing.  We had to gather in the shearling ewes again because the cattle flattened the fence.  Christopher realised there was a problem with the fence when he went down to the sand grass and saw some shearlings out there.  He sent Shaun to check the fence and do a rough count of how many sheep were still in and there was only 2.  The shearlings are now all back in the right camp.
Today was spent checking and mending the lamb marking pens to make sure they are all lamb proof.  Also found my ponies.  They have been missing since the thunder and lightening.  We found them down in the Sand Grass.  We managed to bribe them into coming part way home with a few handfuls of oats.  After we had finished work for the day Christopher went out on his motorbike and chased them home.  They are funny little animals because they love treats but when they go away they don't bother coming back.
We now have our lambmarkers from Stanley finalised.  Christopher will be picking up 7 possibly 8 people from Flores Harbour tomorrow evening.

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  1. It is my conclusion that livestock let you think you are in charge. When they want to remind you otherwise they find a way to get out of your control and force you to spend time, for which you had other plans, bringing them under control once again.

    Good luck with the marking. I hope it proves to be an enjoyable social time with all the help you will have.