Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Buying oil shares and selling wool

Well I am in Stanley for a couple of days.  I have an appointment with the visiting orthopedic specialist to discuss my reoccurring sciatica.  At the moment it is absolutely fine and you would never know that I have a problem.  I can probably guess the outcome, lose weight and take plenty of exercise.
In the last couple of days we have forward sold our 2011/2012 wool clip.  It has been difficult to decide whether to sell or hold on.  Wool is apparently now more expensive then cotton and there are differing views on whether wool will continue to boom or bust.  In the end we felt we had received good offers well above last year and we should sell.  On the new wool market report today some microns had dropped by 20p a kilo so at the moment we feel we have done the right thing.  Our motto is not to grieve if it does continue to rise and be happy with the decision we made.
With confirmed offers on our entire wool clip I gave into Christopher and let him buy  £1,000.00 worth of Borders and Southern oil shares.  He has been wanting to buy more shares for ages but I am pretty cautious with our money and wanted to make sure that financially we were in an okay position before putting more money into a risky business.
On Speedwell Christopher and Shaun  gathered in our old season lamb.  We have 530 ready to go to the abattoir on the 26th/27th.  Unfortunately we had just over 100 that have teeth in wear and can no longer go as old season.  These 100 will now be sold as mutton later in the season, this is a shame because they will bring in a lot less money.   The old season are in very good condition and very well grown. We have also picked out the biggest and best 350 old season ewes as replacement for the ewe flocks.


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  2. Hi Gabriel,
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