Friday, January 6, 2012


The day before yesterday I decided I should try and change the title of my blog Island Farming in the Falkland Islands.  When I chose the title I didn't realise it was too long and would be automatically shortened.  That wouldn't be so bad but the shortened title is minginthefalklandislands which is easily read as minging, a rather unflattering title which also gives no idea of what the blog is about.  Anyway I did change it and then got Tanya to look for it on her i-pad.  Changing it didn't work, when she found the blog it said it had been removed.  It took me at least half an hour to find the place where I had changed the title and change it back.  I guess I will have to stay as minginthefalklands.
Too hot for comfort

Re-housing of mother/father and 2 chicks.  Its not pretty but they bite hard.
Tanya and I are home alone on the island today.  Christopher and Shaun left at 7am to take the Jeff and Gene over to Flores Harbour.  They then hitched a lift into Stanley with them.  They are now on their way back and we expect them home at about 9:30pm.  It has been a lazy, lazy day.  We have caught up on a bit of washing but other then that we have done nothing.
I have put on the last couple of pictures of the fire for the time being.  These photos were taken by Gene.

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  1. I am not sure what your problem was on changing the name of your blog. On my computer it is not too long and the whole thing appears. BUT, if your are looking for a shorter name how about, "Shepherds Among the Penguins" :)