Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tanya wants fish and Bex

It's very rare but Christopher and Shaun have had the weekend off to get over their weeks fire fighting.  Christopher has something wrong with his shoulder.  It appears to be dis-locating when he lifts his arm but popping back into place by itself.  He woke me up at least 5 times last night moaning in pain.  The last 2 times the moaning  would be followed with a loud crack.  Once it cracked it would be okay until it happened again. We think it is something to do with dragging the hose pipes along with them over his shoulder.

We have been down to check on the fire both days and they have dug out a couple of banks that are smouldering. They intend to spend a couple of hours on it tomorrow tending to a couple of areas that are still hot.  90% of it is now out.

Yesterday we all went out to the new tussac plantation to see how it is looking.  There is an amazing amount of new bogs that have started from seed.  Tussac is supposed to be quite hard to grow from seed but I guess conditions over the last couple of years have been just right.  We also went to look at the Yorkshire fog that was put in last year.  The results of this were variable but it was a trial to see which areas  the Yorkshire fog would grow in.  We will use the information from the trial and put a lot more in this autumn but in a more structured programme.

Today Christopher and I went to look at the Sea Lion pups up at Deception Island.  After dinner we all decided to go fishing as Tanya wanted some fish to eat.  We went down to one of the creeks which up until today did not have a name.  Today we decided to call it Mullet Creek because it always has Mullet in it.  Christopher and Shaun took a net out and in 3 trawls caught 31 kilos of mullet and a few smelt.  The deeper out in the creek they went the bigger the mullet that they caught.
Bex back to full fitness

Today's catch of mullet

The mullet from the third trawl

Shaun getting a piggy back across the creek as he forgot his waders.

Pulling in the net.

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Bex came home with all the dogs on Friday.  She is fully recovered and careering around the green at 90 miles an hour, you would never know that she has had a broken pelvis.

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