Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fire fighting and wool results

Another day fire fighting for the boys.  A productive day which resulted in the entire fire area now having a fringe that has been extinguished.  There are still hot spots on the edges which will have to be attended to and extinguished and I think Christopher and Shaun will be fire fighting on a small scale for several weeks.  There are now large areas in the centre that are now totally out.  Tomorrow Christopher and Shaun will take Jeff and Gene (not Jed as I have been calling him) and the majority of the equipment back to the mainland.  Christopher and Shaun are going to go into Stanley with them to pick up their vehicles, the dogs and everything else that we had collected up to come out.  They will have to be back tomorrow night because Concordia Bay arrives the next day to take our hog wool away.  We have also had to get another drum of petrol out to run the pump just in case we should need to use it again.  Over the last week we have had 2 pumps in use with 800 metres of hose.  It is thanks to the hard work of everyone that has been involved that the fire is now under control. 
Our plans for the first part of January have now went completely out the window.  The plan for the first two weeks was to finish the crab processing room. Obviously we would be stupid to leave here while there are still hot spots in the fire.  The new plan is to now stay and shear the 300 ewes on Barren and start the ewes on here.  It is a bit early to start here as the ewes still only have 11 months wool on them but that's the way the cookie crumbles.
Gene in the background, Jeff in the foreground.

Rescued but with severely burnt feet.

A rescued baby covered in dust. Now re-housed in a new burrow.
We also got our results for our hog wool on Speedwell back.  Despite my very negative feelings about the weight and the quality of the wool.  It has come back with the cleanest yield ever of 64.7% and 22 micron which is half a micron finer then last year.  It also had a very respectable VM of 0.2   What to do, what to do?  Now to offer it to the buyers and see what they come up with.

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