Friday, January 27, 2012

Sheep away and a bit of shearing

Concordia Bay came today and took away our first load of sheep of the season.  Today we sent away 539  yearlings and 56 new season lamb.  The stock looks in good condition and we are hopeful for some good results from them.  It is a treat to have Shaun working for us as I didn't have to help mouth the yearling lambs for teeth.  I have never come across a sheep that will willingly open its mouth to have its teeth looked at yet.  I have went into the shed in previous years knowing that there are 900 odd yearlings in there and that everyone has to have it's teeth looked at and in the process of catching it, trying to hold it still and open its mouth  it is going to grind its hoof into my feet. 
So life on Speedwell is still pretty busy.  In the last couple of days Twin Ponds has been gathered and drafted and the majority of  lambs taken off.  They are now weaned and in their own camp.  The Sand Grass has also been gathered, drafted and the lambs weaned.  The Top of Twin Ponds has also been gathered.  The majority of the shearling ewes were in there and they are now in the paddocks ready for shearing.  Shaun and I did a couple of hours this afternoon.  Christopher was away fixing a fence so he only shore for the last half hour.  Hopefully we will finish the shearlings on Sunday.
Yesterday Bremen visited Barren Island again.  It was a lovely day. We were not down at George so we didn't get to met them but the expedition leaders were all there on her first visit in December so we were happy enough with them going ashore by themselves. 
The plan is to leave here on the 30th to go down to George because the Hanseatic is visiting Barren on the 31st.  She has not been to us for several years so Christopher wants to re-new contact with them again.  While we are down there we will finish the shearing on George and also shear the Barren ewes.
We asked FIGAS if they had a plane in the area could they fly over George and look at the fire.  This they did for us.  The pilot said there was very little smoke apart from a patch in the middle that was still burning.  We were aware this piece was still burning but we are pretty confident that it can not get out through the fringe.  Fingers crossed.

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