Monday, January 2, 2012

Fire Fighting

Spent all New Years Day fire fighting.  We were lucky last night and had quite a heavy rain.  It didnt appear to make a lot of difference to the fire but the areas we had put out yesterday were still out.  We didnt get as much done as we had hoped  because one of the pumps kept breaking down but it was still quite a successful day.  A lot of time was spent on the bottom edge of the fire, this area is very close to the tussac plantation and the peat is over three feet deep in areas and the fire was starting to burn down deep into it.   Tomorrow should see some serious progress machinery permitting.
Shaun and Christopher rescused a baby Jackass.  The mother had left the hole but the baby was still in it.  They took him out washed out the hole put the fire out all around it and popped him back in.  He turned out to be a friendly little chap and came back out and stood next to Christophers leg.  I have seen 3 dead Jackass so far.
It has been quite a struggle and we would never have managed without Jock and Bungalow our volunteer firemen.  At least we are not struggling with something the size of Torris Del Paine Natanional Park in Chile. It has six fires in it covering an area of 42 square miles.

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  1. I am glad to read that you are getting the fire under control. I read they questioned some fellow for stating the fire in Chile. We get some very large fires here in Canada. If they do not threaten where people live they often are allowed to burn as fire is a part of the natural life cycle of forests. Stopping fires can make the situation worse as potential fuel for later fires accumulates. We of course have million and millions of acres of forest with no one living in them. I hope your foliage regrows quickly in abundance for grazing.

    I am delayed another day at Lynne's house. Lucky her! I also hear the weather and roads are bad between here and my place. My son is on his way to Collingwood,Ontario with is kids for some snowboarding. I worry for him doing it in bad weather.