Sunday, November 27, 2011

3 shoes, 5 rolls of packing tape, minus 6 days

Today is the second day of preparations for the visit of Bremen on the 3rd.  Today Christopher, myself, mum, Simon and Neil all went over to the beach across from the house to do a beach clean.  This is a nice easy walk from the house for the tourists and you can quite often see dolphins in the bay.  We each took a bin bag and filled it with debris of the beach.  The majority is plastic from the fishing fleet.  Today we filled 4 bin bags with small rubbish and you can't see where we have been yet.  My bag contained 3 shoes, 5 rolls of packaging tape, loads of small pieces of green fishing rope from nets and blue plastic which is used for packaging the fish.  We are used to seeing it but to those not used to it, it is very unsightly.  The rubbish that we have just bought home from the beach is now being burnt.
Christopher has fixed the axle on the small trailer and is now taking the rubbish drums away to empty.  All our burnable rubbish is burnt including cans etc because it helps them to break down.  Around the house is starting to look nice.  This is also helped by a good growth of green grass in the immediate area of the house making the place look nice and green.

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