Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A mini iceberg

More gardening, more filling and sanding in the bedroom, just another ordinary day.
Oh and the mini iceberg is nothing exciting. Christopher suggested that the fridge/freezer was a bit frozen up. The kind of suggestion that it needed defrosting. "Its not that long since I did it". On closer inspection, um maybe it was last year. Two hours later and a mini iceberg later after much chipping and scrapping it was ready to be put back on again.
On more serious things we went to look at the shearling ewes. Yup, lambs where there shouldn't be lambs. Who is to blame? Well we could start with Shaun. Him and Tanya decided to go out in the shearling camp for a spin on the same day that Christopher turned the rams for Twin Ponds into the race so that they could go directly out to their camp, he had opened the gate into the camp ready. The Twin Ponds gate and the shearling camp gates are side by side. Christopher said to him when he came back were all the rams out of the race. No he said there were two still in it. Christopher said you did shut the gate into the shearling camp while you were out there didnt you. No, we always leave it open until we come back. Well yes but not when there are rams in the race. Were the rams still in the race when you came back? Yes they were. Um.
There is not a problem with the shearlings getting in lamb they are 2 years old and quite big enough to raise a lamb but the problem we were having was that their lambs are generally smaller because the ewes are young and we found that we couldn't get them all ready for the abattoir in March. This meant we were having to run some over for old season lamb and we don't really have the land to run them over the winter. Today we only saw about 12 lambs but there are 400 shearling ewes, fingers crossed they haven't all been caught. Time will tell.
We came across the Red Backed Buzzard on her nest today. She had one chick and a second egg. Also took some pictures of some Black Necked Swan signets.


  1. I guess wisdom comes with age. Your son was not putting enought thought into his job. It will get better.

    I am an old bird watcher from a way back. I even briefly considered studying ornithology. I ended up studying philosophy, sociology and theology instead. . . .. How did I get side tracked?

    I enjoy seeing pictures of birds we do not have here. I will get out my bird book of "Birds of the World", and look these up.

  2. You have something in common with Christopher. He is really into Falkland Islands wildlife. He knows all the names of all the birds in the Falklands and as a child living in camp collected an egg from each bird and blew them. We still have the collection but over the years a few have got broken. Im not sure but I think studying ornithology may have been slightly easier then the subjects you chose.

  3. Love your blog...

    greetings from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
    Patrick Douglas (12)

  4. Thank you for your comment Patrick.