Monday, November 7, 2011

Never let the grass grow under your feet!!!!

Speaking to Tiphanie today. She is away to sea again on Friday. She has been talking about going to Bali ever since she came back and has arranged to take 2 weeks holiday in December so that she can go. She has been desperate to go because some of her friends from university are there working on the restoration of a coral reef. I don't think she will every stay still long enough for the grass to grow under her feet.
The fish she could not identify was not rare but she could not pronounce the name but it was from the pelagic group a mid depth fish.
On the farm Christopher has been rotavating the gardens and working on fixing Shauns old motorbike.
I have stripped the window in our bedroom and sanded and filled the holes left from when the old rubber wiring was taken out. Hopefully I can start painting tomorrow. The room is painted dark blue and green from when the house was a bunk house for single men. Other then contract shearers using the house when they were here the house has not been lived in for 25 to 30 years.

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