Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wow windy

The weather has been fantastic.  Despite popular belief we do get lovely weather in the Falklands.  Unfortunately  more often then not it is spoilt by the wind  but lately the wind has been quite light.  Of course you can never please a farmer and the land is getting far to dry which in turn will affect the growth which then has a knock on affect on the live stock.  Please let it rain.  Today however the wind is back with vengeance.  The boat is rolling and diving in the harbour. 
Yesterday we had a bit of drafting to do.  Christopher came in and said "first run out for the boots then".  I'm going to have to tell him soon.  Instead I made excuses, "the pens are dry, I don't need them".  To this he replied but you didn't get them to keep your feet dry it was to stop them getting trod on. "Yes but I will be working the race so I will not need them".  Quite how I was going to fill the pens from the outside of them I'm not sure but 200 sheep later the job was done and another season has began without a pair of work boots.  Whats another year!!!
Yesterday we went and looked around the shearling ewes again to see if there were many more lambs.  Its looking hopeful that may be not to many ewes were caught as there didn't appear to be that many more.  No were as many as we would have expected if the majority of ewes had been caught.
Shaun and Tanya are back.  Christopher picked them up from Flores Harbour last night.   The season starts in earnest tomorrow with the gathering of the South End to get in the 1,200 hogs for shearing.
The decorating in the bedroom is finished.  It isn't perfect but it does look a lot better then it did.  Now for some catalogue shopping for new curtains as I couldn't get anything suitable in Stanley.
Christopher got me a secondhand 4 wheeler for getting around the green and up to the gardens.  It needed a little bit of TLC but he now has it running.  I wonder how long it will be before it starts getting snaffled away by either Christopher himself or Shaun.
The bedroom pre decorating

The bedroom after decorating.

The sausage rolls are made for lamb marking.  Life's good.

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