Friday, November 11, 2011

Going to have to wear shades!!

Its shiny, very shiny. So shiny in fact that I think I will need sunglasses when I wake up. One and a half coats of paint on and it is starting to look quite good even if I do say so myself.
Shearing is looming ever closer with the shearing shed now cleaned out and washed out. Motorbikes are springing back into life for the season with three now obtaining the status of runners.
Not forgetting of course that today is Armistice Day and remembering all those lost in wars including the Falklands conflict.

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  1. I take is nice sunny weather is an unusual event!
    Your tourist people must want to keep that a secret.

    We had our first sprinkle of snow last night. It has been a warmer than ususal Fall here usually by the end of the Moose hunting season there is a couple of inches on the ground. Well this is the last week of the hunt.

    I hope we have lots of snow this Winter. In the last 15 years of so there have been several Winters of Winter drought. Not good. Our flora and fauna here requires ample amounts of rain or snow to sustain our lush environment.

    The noble beaver, Canada symbolic rodent, does its work and keeps lots of water on the land year round.