Thursday, November 17, 2011

No sleep tonight

Extremely windy.  Christopher has had to take the dingy out of the water to stop it getting smashed up under the jetty.  It was already half full of water and despite having buoys on the jetty the wind and the large swell rolling up  the jetty means he can not stop it going under the jetty and eventually ending up swamped.  The forecast is predicting damage to structures so there will not be much sleep for me as I worry about Theo at her moorings.  At the moment she is riding up and down violently.  Christopher will however sleep like a baby confident in his moorings and the fact that she has a good riding chain which stops here from jerking on her anchor.  Lucky him.


  1. As a former "white painter" (one who paints all the wall in a house off white) I find your bold colours startling. You did a lovely job of painting. You might have inspired me to do some painting around here. It would be a good way to pass the time in the Winter.

    Your weather looks very blustery. Do you ever get twisters? We are at the end of tornado alley that begins in Texas so we occasionally get them. I have sat through several small ones. The last really destructive one was in 1972.

  2. It was never meant to be that purple in fact it was supposed to be a very pale pink.
    No we don't get twisters here Phillip. The picture does not relect just how windy it was. Did you get my e-mail?