Thursday, November 10, 2011

"I fell out of the loft"

Yesterday I thought I was careless but when Christopher came home and said he had fallen out of the shearing shed loft I thought that was real careless. Fortunately it is only about 7 foot above the floor and he landed on his bottom. He now has a brusied leg for his antics but it could have been worse.
Today I started painting our bedroom. It got of to a bad start when I found that I had unloaded the pink gloss paint on George Island and brought the peach vinyl silk up to Speedwell. It is pointless putting vinyl silk on here because when it gets damp mould will actually grow through it and when you try to clean it the paint peels off. Luckily I had a tin of lilac gloss so instead of pink the room is now lilac.
Christopher continued working on the garden until it rained. So pleased to have a decent amount of rain. He also continued working on fixing motorbikes, started cleaning out the shearing shed ready for shearing and started repairing the damage to the dingy.
Lastly for today it has been announced that Prince William will be coming to the Falklands for a 6 week tour early next year. Looking forward to that.

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  1. Well you will have a better chance of meeting the Prince than we did. I saw him and his wife in Ottawa along with 500,000 other Canadians.
    As it turned out my sister had the Princess step out of a car right in front of her. It was a better view than she got when she was in London for the wedding. (It seems we are Royalists inour family. My mother was a fan of the Royal family and a student of British history. I guess she was an influence of us.

    I did meet Prince Philip years ago. I was part of a school team on the radio show "Reach for the Top"when he visited. Our view was limited as all the girls crowded in from to get a closer look at the then handsome Royal Consort. It was memorable just the same.