Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Can you keep a secret?

Today I was so excited. In the 23 years that we have had our own farm I have never had a pair of proper work boots. Over the last couple of years with the opening of the EU approved abattoir we have done more and more sheep work. One of the worst jobs is mouthing the hundreds of wether hogs. My toes get trampled and crushed through my trainers. Even just filling pens leads to a good deal of toe trampling. So getting back to my excitment someone put a link to Sheplers suppliers of all things cowboy/cowgirl in America. After wanting a pair of work boots for so long I picked out this lovely pull on pair with fancy stitching in brown leather. They had what now seems like an appropriate name of Fat Boy Bombers. They were expensive, 120 dollars plus 68 dollars DHL postage. I tracked them on line and knew they would be on the plane today when my mum arrived. I couldnt wait to get home to try them on and took one out of the box to try on at the airstrip. Back home we brought all the boxes in that had came on the plane. I unpacked them all and decided to burn the rubbish straight away. In went all the rubbish and I soon had a nice fire burning. I then decided I would put both boots on. I remember taking the invoice out of the box. Surely I took the other boot out. I must have, mustn't I. I have discretly looked everywhere while trying not to alert Christopher or mum that I appear to have lost one Fat Boy Bomber. I keep going back and looking, maybe I just can't see it for looking. One Fat Boy Bomber now sits in the porch all by itself covered in gloves and hats trying to hide the fact that it doesnt have a mate. How could I be so careless. I am a nut case. I guess it going to be another season of crushed toes. I guess sooner or later someone is going to enquiry into why I am not wearing my 180 dollar boots but Im not ready to admit that it looks like my beautiful Fat Boy bomber is now smouldering in the bottom of the drum. Sob, sob. I had even planned to take a picture of my Fat Boy Bombers because they were so lovely to put on my blog.
On the farm everything else has become insignificant but I am replying to your e-mail Philip.


  1. Hi!

    I'm Ave from Estonia, but living in Spain. I collect postcards from all over the world and I was wondering if you could send me a stamped map, flag or any other postcards from Falkland Islands. I would be really happy to add a new country to my list.

    Here is my postcard blog:

    Please let me know if you can help me!



  2. What a tragedy. This will haunt you for years to come. Your family will eventually tease you after they get over sharing your grief. We all have done such things in our lives.

  3. As Philip says, those accidents are usual in life. Do not feel guilty.